960692_93021290The Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, is being launched surrounded by a whirl of aggravation, mis-information, confusion, ineptitude, mis-management, hype and hyperbole.

It is my observation that everything man does or has ever done results in consequences that were not foreseen. In the pursuit of solving a problem another sometimes more serious problem is created. Remember when DDT was going to be the answer to the world hunger problem? The Interstate Highway system caused the death and closure of thousands of Mom and Pop businesses along the U.S. highways it replaced. Did the men who developed the first computer and Internet system have any idea that their inventions would lead to an explosion of pornography distribution with its accompanying ills? In the sincere desire to stamp out some deadly disease, scientists have developed vaccines which have been found to cause others more debilitating. To be fair, some of the unexpected results are positive as well. James Burke’s excellent series, Connections, shows this clearly.

This very short list illustrates my point: we do not see ahead to the possibility of unintended consequences.

So I as Joanna Q. Citizen have some questions of my own.

  • What is the real motivation behind this bill in its entirety? Is it truly altruism, the desire to meet the medical needs of the populace? Or do we need to look at the money – where it is coming from and where it goes? Who will be the ultimate profiteer?
  • If the available doctors cannot maintain their practice on the small amount allotted to them, they may decide to quit altogether. Some already have. How is this helping?
  • When business men lose money paying for mandated coverage, they will no longer hire new employees. Some have already declared it is less costly to pay overtime to the few they retain. How is this helping the employment figures?
  • With more unemployed needing coverage, and less income taxes now with which to help pay for it, how is this helping our economy or our national financial rating?
  • If those with means to choose their providers cannot do so, what has happened to freedom of choice?
  • If the bill is such a good thing for the general public, why does it not apply to every citizen? Why is the illegal alien covered, yet the Congress and President exempt?
  • Insurance companies have for some time been “practicing medicine” to the annoyance of doctors who consider their arbitrary decisions as interference in good medical care. How is this picture to improve with increased pressure on profitability and cost cutting?
  • Ultimately, this bill is going to have far reaching ramifications as yet unseen or thought about. Is there a visionary anywhere who has explored the possibilities? If so, who and where are they and is anybody listening? In other words, do they have a voice?

Naturally I think these are valid questions above and beyond partisanship. Naturally there are those who will think otherwise. I would appreciate some knowledgeable answers.