World Changer?

In recent days I have seen or heard comments about Preterists, Cessationists, Futurists, Trinitarians, Universalists, Charismatics, Fundamentalists, Evangelicals and Anti-Charismatics. Then there are the ones considered fringe by all of these groups – the Nephilim and alien-human-spirits-are-among-us group. This is just within the Christian camp, never mind the rest of the world with its militant Islamists, jihadists, Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers and the like. Increasing at an alarming rate as well are the militant atheists who think all believers in the supernatural have gone mad and are not worthy of consideration in the public dialog. Among those within the fold, the word blasphemy has been often used of one group by another. Rancor, ill will and name-calling seem to be everywhere.

I also note within communities of faith, and in government, a mind set of “Us four and no more.” Each gets defensive, hunkering down within self-erected walls as they gather their ammunition to lob at the outsiders. To this degree I have to concur with the atheists – we have gone mad. Not because we believe in a supernatural God, but because we fail to believe the One we say we believe in! It is He who said the chief object of man (after loving God and believing He exists) is to love one another. I submit that we all have failed miserably at that.

So I raise my one small voice to say I want to be a world changer by encouraging those who read this to come out from behind whatever bunker your are in and begin to love and accept “those other misguided folk.” The world will be a better place for it.