Excuse Me

Excuse me, I have something to say. A problem with speaking one’s mind is that immediately brickbats are thrown by those who disagree with your stated opinion, but there comes a time when being quiet is harder to endure than any lobbed missiles.

The world has gone mad, lurching along to destruction, with those who have been charged with leadership leading the way. For many decades the United States has been a source of strength to the rest of the planet. Victorious in more than one war, this country has spent energy and resources to upbuild and restore the enemy – a concept that had been totally foreign in the history of the world. America was the golden place, the one that others around the world aspired to. America was the place where transfer of leadership took place honorably, peacefully. New leadership was followed even when there was strong disagreement as to objectives. For the most part it was a law-abiding society where the citizens could get on with life – marrying, schooling, raising their young in peace.

We are now under siege, within and without. We have blindly placed into leadership those whose previously stated objective was to weaken us. Some in charge of our national security are part of the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal has always been a removal (read: destruction) of Christians and replacing of Islam as the controlling ideology. Our military which has been relied on to be the best, strongest, most well-trained and provisioned in the world, and which has served as policeman to the planet, has been reduced, stripped, weakened.

Congressional leaders hide from their disaffected constituents, as well they might since they fail to make the hard decisions leadership requires. Marches on Washington and letters to the Hill are brushed off by those in power who regard hoi polloi as unwashed masses of no account.

Money that doesn’t exist is spent on programs which fail to solve the original presenting problem. However, laws are passed in a continuing stream which hobble the freedom we had enjoyed for generations. The balance of power, carefully crafted by our Founding Fathers, has been seriously knocked out of order: Judicial Branch makes laws in effect by their interpretations; Executive Branch skirts every issue with Executive orders which seem to have the force of law; Legislative Branch either fails to act in the face of obvious malfeasance, or passes incomprehensible laws they have not read.

None of this addresses the current border crisis. We are now being invaded by an army, and instead of resisting them, we welcome them, provide escorts, food, medical care and pleasant housing. This is better treatment than is available to many of our own veterans. I know people, English speaking, contributing adults, who spent years and thousands of dollars to get accepted for a green card, yet we are rolling out the carpet for this sudden influx from the south. Many of these ‘children’ are not children at all, but young men who are fully able to pick up arms and fight. Practically all of the swarm is disease-ridden, carrying everything from scabies to TB across the border to infect our schools, over-burdening the already challenged health care system. It puts one in mind of our ancestors giving small pox-laden blankets to the First Nations people 200 years ago. Our sins have come to haunt us; perhaps, just perhaps we need to begin with repentance.

Compassion for little children has caused many to overlook some obvious issues. How is it that thousands of “little” children all of a sudden showed up at the border without adults to bring them? Did they spring up like weeds in my garden? They had to travel miles to get there. How did that happen? It seems to me rather like a well-planned strategy, a Trojan Horse, to get the army inside the walls.Doesn’t anyone realize that little ones grow, older ones get tougher? So now we feed the army from outside and fail to support the ones who served this nation through thick and thin. The illegals are traveling without ID or being cleared for safety, yet TSA pats down old ladies of 90 in their wheel chairs. Are we not insane? Are the inmates running the asylum, or is something far more sinister at work here?

The government listens to our phone calls, reads our emails and builds “camps” for retaining citizens it deems unruly. Our peaceable organizations which promote patriotism and law abiding have come under the scrutiny of the IRS. The reach of government into every aspect of our lives seems limitless.

As citizens we need to let Government know we are not the enemy. It appears that the real enemy is the very government that is leading us into chaos and disintegration as a society. I don’t doubt there are forces behind the out-front leaders who have an occult agenda. But the present situation is not sustainable. We are being swept into the vortex of the tornado. God help us all.