“I desire to be worthy of Your love.”  I mused this morning.

Hmm. That’s a wrong thought. Of *course* I am worthy of His love. Not because I have done anything to make it so. Not because of my “sufferings,” times of dying to self. Not because I have tried to clean up my act. I am worthy for one reason: He has chosen to make me the object of His love. He has sent His love out to envelop me. That one act has thus verified that I am worthy. I could be, and probably am, a confused mess in my thinking and perceptions. It matters not.

When I choose to love someone or thing, that makes them loveable – at least by me. It matters not what others think. If I love you, you are loveable, by definition.

As my wise grandmother said, “Love goes where it is sent,” from lover to lovee, often beyond our understanding. Who has not said at sometime, “What does she see n him?” “Why does he seem so drawn to _______?” You fill in the blanks.

Whatever the object of our affections, it becomes automatically loveable, pursue able, desirable. The love of God, always flowing outward toward His created ones declares them to be worthy of love.

I then can state with no embarrassment that as an object of His love I am totally loveable. No matter what the world thinks. No matter if you unfriend me on Facebook or don’t like my personality. I am loveable and that makes all the difference.

P.S. I know the “correct” spelling is lovable, and I have had to fight with autocorrect to keep it at loveable. But I did so because it then says we are love able. Able to receive love, and then able to give it away. Selah.


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