Call Me Elijah

There are times when I think my name is Elijah. “I am the only one left,” he complained as he ran for his life from the opposition which chased him. Standing your ground when everyone around you has a different conviction does get depressing. It is so much easier when friends and relations are of like mind. You are welcomed, accepted, sought out. Nice. Part of the group. That’s comfy.

But if you dare to stand on an issue opposite to those around you it can get pretty lonely. Actually, lonely is better than some of the attacks that suddenly come your way. Moving away from a commonly held belief or opinion is considered traitorous, defiant, wrong-headed. “What could have happened to the poor old dear? She or he has gone off the rails.”

So isolation or brick bats, take your pick if you think about things outside the main stream. You can do the Elijah thing and run, or face Jezebel and her anger. The only other alternative is to stay shut up within yourself, saying nothing. In effect, living a double life – believing one way and professing another just to stay in relationship. That has to cause tension within.

How many people, if they are truly honest with themselves, have an area where they lead split lives? Some, fearful of ostracism, are master chameleons adapting as needed to their surroundings. The pain of rejection is too big a price to pay for staying true to themselves. So the cover up continues. The real God-given personality with its mind, will and emotions, stays hidden, sadly too often to the grave.

So why do I think my name could be Elijah? Because some of my thoughts about things are not necessarily in line with things I read, hear proclaimed and taught. I don’t read what everyone else is reading. I don’t watch endless TV thereby receiving a perpetual slant or world view which warps and distorts. I do not expose myself to the “everybody does it, or approves it so it must be ok” mindset. I do believe there is more to a well-lived life than chasing after what everyone else is doing. There is a purpose, a future, a hope. And none of it is saturated with extremism, ugly “let’s push the envelope” hedonism and lawlessness.

So if your opinions are different that mine, I am not going to throw rocks at you or cut you off from friendly fellowship. It is more important for each of us to be true to ourselves. Who knows what treasures you may discover? Who knows, I just might be wrong and need to learn from you.

Not likely, but who knows? I would be in gross error if I deny you the right to think what you think. So can we still be friendly and lay down the bricks and stones? Let’s go have a coffee and chat.

5 thoughts on “Call Me Elijah

  1. Carol, I’ve always loved the way your write. So candid, so true. I hear your voice through the words. Thank y ou.

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