I Get It

I’ve got it down now. I get it. I even have my teaching notes in order so that I can impart this understanding to others, those who have not grasped the truth of this concept. It’s scriptural, too, and should be very clear. “Your life is not your own; you have been bought with a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.”

Of course, I glorify God. Everyone knows I lead a moral life and am not “that kind of girl.” My shelves are full of Christian books, manuals from endless courses and seminars, soaking CDs. I am known for being a counselor to the troubled, a safe listener, a source of wisdom to the confused.

Yes, I belong to Christ. I am indwelt by the Triune God so that I may re-present Him to the world. Overcomer, too. Walking in victory with authority over the evil one. I’ve dealt with my issues, forgiven every offense, laid any personal ambitions on the altar. Therefore, life is good. What more could God want?

Oh. The attitudes of the heart, too? The lingering selfishness? That sense of ownership of my time? He wants a cheerful giver? I thought that referred to our tithes and offerings. Oh.

I am suddenly faced with the truth that there is another triunity jostling for space within: Me, Myself and I. Suddenly it becomes clear that idolatry has been lurking behind the polished exterior, waiting to exert its presence, elbowing God aside for the right to my life.

Oh no. Faced with that truth, I also encounter another one – I am weak and unable to wrestle it to death on my own. Helpless now, I throw myself, the good, bad and the ugly, upon His kindness, grateful that He gets it. Really.

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