Most Important

On the porch.  Quiet, cool morning alone. Fresh coffee.  Ahh.

The neighborhood bob tail squirrel runs by on the electric wire highway; nearby a Carolina wren is greeting the day with enthusiasm. It is time to seek Him, the source of my being, to get refocused. The past several months have seen a frenzy of activity, much of it good and meaningful, which in leading me away from personal quiet God time, disquieted my soul.

I ask the Lord to ask a question. My mind seems to fadiddle around on unimportant matters until a question is raised. Then the wheels spin, connections are made, the analyzing and problem solving begin. In order to begin thinking about anything of substance, I need a prime-the-pump question.

“What is the most important?”

About what, Lord?  You? Me? My life and values? My work? The world?

The more I ponder this, the bigger it becomes.

The first answer is probably the most revealing. Then the better self comes forward with what we ought to think.

So I said, “to reach my full potential.” Hmm, that seems pretty self-focused. “No, You are the most important.”  I continued.

…Getting the writing done, to release all that God has put within.

…Your purposes, Lord, on the earth.

…No, maintaining relationships is more important than any personal interest or activity.

…Serving people to bring them to their greater purpose?

…Living 24-7 turned God-ward?

I begin to see that grasping and believing truly that God is the most important will make a change in the day to day routine of life. With His Awesomeness present in the forefront of my thinking, every action and interaction will take on new meaning. Even the most mundane will become sanctified and endued with greater purpose.

“What is the most important?” He asks again.

Answering this is of greater significance than I had first thought.  To settle on what is the most important thing in life is to uncover the right pathway to walk. The trivial will be left behind; the vital pursued.

He has to be the most important. As Source, and Sustainer and Primary Being, and as Summation of all things, He is all in all.  End of discussion.

Yet, He raises the question, so there must be more to it than is obvious.

I shift my focus to the Incarnation. Setting aside His God-ness, and all what that means (which is beyond comprehension in itself), in full knowledge of what lay ahead, He chose to come live on earth as a human being.

This says clearly, human beings are very important. The Letter to the Colossians drives the point home. Not only did He come as a human, a man, but went beyond that to live as someone of lesser importance in the world’s opinion – a servant. Actually, the word here indicates a slave which is even lower down the social scale. From there He chose the path of death, the punishment and death of a criminal. And He did this because… He thinks humans need rescuing? Humans are worth rescuing? That last is a kicker. Any thoughtful person would realize we need to be rescued; few would agree we are worth what it took, the price He paid. Who would even dare to think that he or she deserves to have the Sovereign Power and Creator of everything that is, give up all He had to come to planet Earth to save them?

Yet, this very act of God, in giving everything He had and is, shouts loudly that we humans are the most important in His eyes.

It follows, then, that each person has an intrinsic value beyond any price that could be paid. There is no fortune on earth large enough to pay what one soul is worth. Not with Euros, not with dollars, not with gold bars.

You are most important; I am most important. Big name or not, noticed or unnoticed, talented or not, we are of highest, incalculable value in the Lord’s opinion. The best thing we can do is not argue with Him about that. We may be the most important, but that does not make us smarter than He is, and when He says we are of extreme value to Him, that should end the discussion. There is no room even for doubt when we truly look at and consider God, the almighty Sovereign of the Universe, on the dreadful demeaning cross … for us.