Winter Vignette

Snow is whipping horizontally past the window, pausing occasionally to pirouette in graceful swirls before streaming on by. Shades of grey blending to white speak a chill into my bones even as I sit cradling my morning mug of coffee. It is the knife edge of winter. Calendars declare winter to be a two day old child; the storm shouts I am a man!

It is warm within. The soft hum of furnace fan comforts with a gentle stirring of life sustaining heat. The coffee pot is almost full; Christmas goodies in abundance wait on the shelf.

It has not been that long a time since even royalty were not as favored or as comfortable as this. Constant warmth, comfortable beds, and blessing above blessings, indoor plumbing have made life move past endurable to grace and ease.

Slowly, family members stir from their beds adding music and clatter to the scene. Preparations in anticipation of celebrations add to the atmosphere’s glow. What a treasure to be part of and accepted into a caring family.

So blow, Wind. Do your dance, Snow. Deep in my heart a song of thanksgiving rises. I am most blessed among women.

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