Strange Woman

A strange woman seems to have moved into my house. I was startled when I saw her the other day. I already have 4 other people living here; to add another seems a bit much. She is rather quiet, with one exception. Sometimes I hear her go on about the way our culture has gone to wrack and ruin, taking the young people with it. This is something I vowed never to do; I would always be mellow and current.

She is elusive as well, not always showing her face around here; maybe she knows she is not too welcome. But no matter how sneaky she may be, I catch sight of her every once in a while. Why, just yesterday I spotted her in the mirror when I got up! How bold can one be, standing right there in my own bedroom! I would like to tell her to leave, but she looks so much like my mother, I can’t do it. Poor thing needs a home, so i guess she is here for good.