Life on the Porch

From the drear of winter to the enthusiasm of spring – what a difference one month makes.  Tulips of all shades compete for attention with the dogwoods in full flower; the view from my window has never been lovelier.

This year I have determined to freshen the porch, my favorite spot in the house.  Today I brought home the recovered cushions, done in bright tropical print, a major improvement over the uncleanable old and faded ones.  The porch floor awaits the new rug which has been shipped.  Fresh baskets of greenery will replace my stored artificial pink flowers which have no place in this setting.  Yesterday my friendly carpenter stopped by to repair the loosened screen so unwanted flying visitors no longer have access.  Everything has been washed clean from winter’s grime.  It is almost ready.

The porch.  Smaller than I wish it to be, it can accomodate 8 people at best.  Often, more than that want to gather there to chat or carry on serious God talk.  At the second story level, we are usually unnoticed, watching the passers by on the alley below.  Screened on two open sides, it is a fine place to listen to the rain, or read a book. Watching the wild life, listening to the bird symphonies, savoring the green trees, one’s soul is refreshed.  At noon and six p.m. hymns are played on the carillion at the Lutheran Church down the street, sending out their praise to God, as no one in this small town has thought to complain to the ACLU.  Rocking, listening, soaking, I savor it all; it is my special prayer place, a sanctuary of peace.

Productivity is also enhanced by the porch. Ministry has taken place there; lives have been changed.  My friend from downstairs sometimes joins me for early morning coffee and exploration of ideas, theology, or his current writing topics. The new laptop has no problem accessing a WiFi signal so work can be done there as well.   Birds, trees, laptop, comfy chairs, friends, fresh coffee, soft breezes–ah, it is almost heaven.

4 thoughts on “Life on the Porch

  1. Through these words you have written, I am privileged to partake and enjoy such a delightful part of your life! It is as if I am there, in peaceful contentment surrounded by the glory of His creation. Thank you for sharing such a precious place with the rest of us. 
    Miss you guys a lot, and thank you for a taste of home.

  2. I always tell people that my saintly grandmother keeps a minister in her basement, and that he introduced me to fine whiskey.It was a Macallan Single Malt, I believe…

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