A piping of white edges the flower beds, a last bit of winter’s trim. For all the dreariness, there is a sense of hope stirring within and without.  Unseen as yet, crocus and narcissus are swelling, ready to burst into view.  The sun is rising higher now and a squirrel made his brave appearance yesterday.  All of this bespeaks “Help is on the way!”

Along with the natural progression to renewed warmth and life, there is an increased awareness of God’s presence  across the land.  A report of His moving sovereignly this past week in Kansas City, with outbreaks of repentance, weeping and conviction has just come in.  There has been a shift in the spiritual atmosphere both here at home and at Church since the turn of the calendar.  A long time friend who attended our recent conference reported that she saw the music during worship!  Waves of color came from the instruments, and “molecules” (the best word she could find to describe the impossible) of life filled the room.  Our spiritual excitement rises as we observe the Lord at work, and experience His tangible presence.

At the same time, there has been a rash of “sudden and awful” accidental deaths of young people, many of whom were professed Christians.  The normal reaction is “Why?”  What is going on here?  One of the results of these tragic events is the impact on their peers who are suddenly thrust into the reality that life on earth does not go on forever.  They are being brought abruptly to the realization that they are not immortal as they attend funerals for classmates, a most out-of-order situation.  For the first time, perhaps, they are forced to think of weightier values than dates and rock stars.  The premature deaths of their friends are becoming planted seeds, bearing fruit of eternal life as those left behind seek for true meaning and purpose.

Spring is coming, and new life is arising. It is time for singing in the land.

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