It’s a Puzzle

Sunday, December 31, 2006 I celebrated with taking a giant leap.
Faith? Foolishness?  Prideful self promotion?

It was centered in a manila envelope which contained a CD with the manuscript of my book “The Puzzle of Our Destiny.”  Because I was giving it to a friend who has pledged to hand carry it to Destiny Image Publications I had also included the answers to their questions of authors who are offering unsolicited works.

Some of their questions put me in mind of a final exam:

What makes your book stand out from all the other
titles currently on the market?
What will the reader learn as a result of reading this

What are the major factors of your book that will have
an appeal to readers?

And so forth.  The real stumper:

Please list your conference or speaking
engagements/appearances over the next
12 months, as
well as those in the last
12 months. 

So it is on its way:  the first ever submission of any of my writings to be considered for publication.

That closes a chapter and gets me ready for this new year of 2007.  There is much on the horizon, with projects popping up and ministry opportunities to keep me out of trouble and off the streets.  So greetings, 2007.  There was a time I thought we would never meet, and here you are.  Glory!  Full speed ahead.

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